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Leading as a force for good – how to become an empowered woman who transforms the world (and herself

Being a leadership coach, I am used to hearing all kinds of concerns and issues from my clients when it comes to important professional and private matters that they seek my support for in their lives.

But what I have noticed during the past couple of years is one question that stands out, one area that is becoming more and more frequent – and important – to the majority of these brave women that I have the privilege to coach. Women who, in spite of their different life/work circumstances, all share a common longing for making a lasting contribution that really matter to them, and to others.

The concern I hear is this:

How do I become an empowered woman who changes the world for the better, how do I lead as a force for good, being a part of this transformational shift that we are witnessing all around us right now?
How can I be brave enough to become all of myself in doing this, contributing passionately with all of my heart and all of my mind – but without losing everything I’ve worked so hard for in the process?
And how do I do all this with a sense of personal balance and fulfillment?
In other words – what is the path?

This is a very urgent, very big and very important topic! Even though your own questions might sound a little different, they are basically all the same when it comes down to it.

It’s about your journey to a meaningful life. For yourself and others.

This blog is about these women, women like you and me –  women who are on, or about to embarc on, the heroic path of becoming an authentic leader who really makes a true and lasting difference, in our own life as well as in the lives of others. Women who are brave enough to ask the big questions and do the work, who are willing to become the illuminating light of guidance that each and everyone of us needs, someone who is showing us the path from the old world to the new.

But (and it’s a very important “but”!) without sacrificing ourselves in becoming so. Without sacrificing our strength, our joy, our time with families and friends, the health of our bodies and minds. In short – without sacrificing our own lives. Because, let’s face it, there are many obstacles, dragons and demons to slay on our way forward. Or so it most often feels. It’s not like the road has been cleared and paved and is lit up for us. No, it will take all that we have to walk this path but we long to do it with a sense of clarity, focus, ease instead of struggle and an experience of grace being present.

Your journey is not about becoming exhausted. It’s about becoming more of who you already are – empowered, strong and vulnerable all at the same time.

After coaching numerous people during a number of years I know as a truth that what we all want is a fulfilling life, knowing that our presence here makes a difference, both to the people that are close to us that we love and as a part of a bigger picture, to contribute in our corner of the world, during our limited time on this earth.

But how do we actually become this illuminous leader, this guiding light and pathfinder?

Where is the right path and what does it look like?

That is what this blog, and my book – The Heroine’s Journey – is all about. I will do my very best to share with you what I have learned over the years on my own journey as well as all the invaluable insights and learnings I’ve gained from my wonderful clients.

I will try to answer important questions, hoping that my answers will shed some light as you move forward step by step on your own journey. I dare to promise you that it will be a very rewarding journey, all the way to the publishing of my book (which is one of my joyful and meaningful goals) and all the way to yours, in whatever form that might be.

For now, let me tell you this much: The starting point is not about how to change the world, it’s not how to change your organization or your team or your boss, or even how to change your partner or your kids.

The starting point is all about YOU.

Let me repeat that – it all starts with you. From the inside out.

Empowering yourself and becoming a master of your own self leadership skills will determine your success in leading other people towards meaningful, sustainable, inclusive goals. It is actually one of the golden keys in leadership which I think is overlooked too often today:

You can not lead other people beyond the point which you youself have not gone yet



This blog, along with my book that it’s based upon, as well as the rest of the coaching and leadership work that I do, is my way of contributing to all of you brave women (and men!) in this world, people who want to be part of this huge paradigm shift that’s going on right now, where so many of us have the opportunity to become an active force for good in a brave new world, where leading ourselves through powerful self leadership skills, as well as leading others become the changing force that will ultimately alter the course of our own life, our families, our communities, our teams and organizations and the world itself.

The most heroic of all acts is to have the courage to discover who you are and your contribution in this lifetime, and to follow your bliss to this truth.
–Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth





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